Frequently asked questions
How much does it cost to use 1work?
1work is free to use while we're still in BETA. Give it a try, and let us know your feedback! When we leave BETA, 1work will be a subscription-based service with a monthly fee. Our BETA users will enjoy a hefty discount for joining early!
Do I need hardware to use 1work?
1work consists of different software, which can be either used online, or can be combined with hardware. All you need is a computer to use the meeting room booking function as well as the “leave a message” function. To use the e-secretary, you'll need an iPad and an iPad stand. To use the screens, you'll need a screen that has an internet connection.
Who can use 1work?
1work is ideal for shared office spaces, as well as larger companies with several departments. That can be idea for coworking spaces, for incubators, accelerators, for companies with a few floors that want an overview, or companies that have several meeting rooms they want to manage.
Can I use 1work on my phone?
Yes, both Android and iPhone applications are available. You can leave messages and book meeting rooms directly from your mobile device.
Can I reserve meeting rooms only?
No, you can reserve anything you want. You can book company cars, office equipment, anything that's a common resource. When you create a category, simply name it after whatever you want, and then add those bookable resources as a “subcategory” underneath that.
How do I set up a TV screen in my office space?
To set up one of our screens, you'll first need to configure what your screen will look like. Go to your profile, click on your picture, and choose "TV screens" from the drop-down menu. You can then create a screen, and drag-and-drop all of the elements you want to see. When you're happy with the screen, you can preview it. Your screen is always available by accessing the provided URL.

To get your screen up on a physical screen, you'll either need a smart TV, or a screen that's connected to a processor (an old laptop laying around, a mac mini, etc.) In your screen you can launch the URL from the browser, and your info will then be visible to everyone.